Sigilant poliuretanic monocomponent cu uscare rapida

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• 310 ml cartridge
• Unipack 600 ml



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Sigilant poliuretanic monocomponent cu uscare rapida

• Adhesive elastic one component polyurethane
• Seals and bond at the same time materials of different nature
• Product with permanent elasticity
• Fast curing
• Good resistance to weathering and aging
• according to DIN 52452 Paintable, sand able

Fields of application:
• Sealing of sheet metal or plastic material
• Sealing in the production and repair of carbody, bus, truck and caravan.
container and leisure boat
• Filler for cracks and leaks
• Bonding and sealing of frames, panels, precast
• Sealing internal and external connecting joints
• Sealing of wood and glass, GPR , aluminum and steel

• Conforms to the ISO 11600 F 20 HM