Admixtures for precast concrete

Admixtures for precast concrete.


Is a new generation superplasticizer admixture, specifically formulated for making ready mix concrete
Its formulation allows obtaining better mechanical strengths compared to traditional admixtures, while maintaining a better workability.
FLUX PRE PC 200 can be used throughout the year, especially where there are requirements to maintain workability and in particular for hot climates.

The following are obtained by using FLUX PRE PC 200:

· Efficient W/C ratio reduction.
 Maintaining workability for a long time
 High mechanical strengths, both initial and final
 Reduction of water permeability.
 Increase of concrete durability.
 An optimum surface finish.
· Improving working conditions, reducing vibration time by at least 80%.
Can be used to obtain rheoplastic concretes without the risk of bleeding and/or
segregation phenomena
Its special formulation allows a high reduction of the water/cement ratio, good workability over time, and high mechanical strengths in a short time.